Mediaterrae Vol.1: il territorio rurale come (nuovo) medium

This brief essay is concerned with important themes, such as the ‘glocal’ approach for strengthening and making more competitive rural territories; the methods and strategies for enabling correct revaluation of strongly connotative features as cultural identity, life quality, ‘live’ relationship with past heritage which need new languages and tools to be fully expressed; the territorial ‘mark’ which places producer and consumer on the same values level.

It is the kind of philoso­phy orienting AGIRe Network and which gen­erated the project Mediaterrae Vol.1, in which 18 musicians and visual artists from different countries (Canada, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Romany, Sweden and Italy) faced and confront­ed traditions and suggestions of Irpinia, the Car­nival in Montemarano and its sound-track, espe­cially; audio and video documented the results of this prolific intercourse through a DVD which was ‘tasted’ at the Carlo Gesualdo Theatre (Mediaterrae Night event) and distributed with the magazine Blow-Up: seven different points of view on the territory, its folklore, its landscapes where heritage from tradition and contemporary creativeness meet and compare themselves. It is in this way that the territory does not become a ‘product’ but a ‘medium’, instead whose audi­ence is intriguingly searching for a consume act as a process of identity self-definition.

Lioni, GAL CILSI, 113-116
Volume a cura di Mario Salzarulo ed Alessandra Cristina Celano