The food side of sound aesthetics

“This paper aims at describing some concrete art examples related to sound/food topic starting from a scientific perspective and investigating the field bounded by performance art, sound art and research. Through comparing molecular gastronomy to experimental digital music and analyzing the connection among sound, food and new media as a way to re-design (and re-mediate) the identity of a rural territory (Click’n’Food – Interferenze new arts festival), this paper outlines how the knowledge of food and sound can add important information in the ‘tasting’ process, providing a deeper level of understanding of the ‘manufacturing’ act and, more relevant, a much better conscious sensorial experience..“ (Leandro Pisano)

This volume provides a documentation of the ISEA2011 Conference
Programme, organised within the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art in Istanbul from 14 to 21 September 2011.

There are many different contradictions in the increasingly busy lives of contemporary academics – both emerging and more established. The pressure of ‘publish or perish’ within the context of contemporary social media and digital platforms has increased with the necessity of responding to an online digital existence that announces and precedes the event itself.

For ISEA2011 Istanbul we tried to focus on several aspects: the immediate availability of the papers online that would provide the authors with visibility, the possibility of having selected papers from the proceedings published with the Leonardo Electronic Almanac with an ISSN; the opportunity of having Goldsmiths College and Sabanci University acting as gatekeepers of academic quality by providing a further eviewing process through the allocation of the ISBN; the permanent presence of the papers – as permanent it can be in an online environment characterized by fluidity and impermanence –through the allocation of single DOIs for each selected paper, thanks to the extra work and support of Sabanci University Information Center’s staff.

Leonardo Almanac, Volume 18 Issue 4, 1938-1943
Istanbul / London
English, ISBN 978-1-906897-12-3 / ISSN 1071-4391