Exploring rural territory as a new medium

“The territory, not anymore as a geographic place or a branding system, becomes an inland space into the media system, transforming itself in a medium: through the event, or its media representation, the space that separates transmitter and recipient is filled and a “distraction” of communication surface happens: a relation is realized, communication is activated.“ (Leandro Pisano)

This volume provides a documentation of the ISEA2010 RUHR Conference
Programme, organised within the 16th International Symposium on Electronic
Art in the German Ruhr region from 20-29 August 2010. It is the result of an extensive and complex process involving the cooperation and effort of hundreds of contributors – a process which we believe is worthy of a short recapitulation.

The two “research themes” that were originally proposed as a rough guideline for submissions to the Call for Proposals have been richly responded to, so that both “Sounds” and “Ecologies” remain two important focal points of the conference. However, the conference covers a range of topics that goes far beyond those themes. The following pages include contributions on recent research in the fields of media art theory and history, discussions of the relation of body and media and of preservation strategies for media art, presentations on new developments in visual art and code art, reflections on social media and the role of the digital user, on public spaces and geographies, and much more.

Berlin: Revolver Publishing, 193-194
Book curated by Judith Funke, Stefan Riekeles, Andreas Broeckmann, Hartware MedienKunstVerein
English, ISBN 9783868951035