Comunità “sperimentale”: lo spazio aumentato dell’arte nelle esperienze di Latronico e di Interferenze

This article analyzes a series of practices developed over the last ten years in the rural village of Latronico, southern Italy, as part of the “A Cielo Aperto” public art project, aimed at the establishment of an open air museum of contemporary art built on a dialogue with the natural environment and the urban context. In this experience, “the territory becomes a cultural laboratory where it becomes possible to imagine and practice a different political economy. The novelty enters to be part of the territory not as an external force but through a new assemblage of elements, practices and possibilities that are already in circulation. “(I. Chambers)

This recombination leads to open spaces of interaction between the community and the artists involved, based on even temporarily shared interests, or simply built on the meeting that happens by chance, determined by transiently living the same place and the same time. It is an encounter that produces the unexpected, which reveals art in its possibilities of overcoming the constraints imposed by boundaries and disciplinary syntax, which redraws the rural territory as a critical space in which to interrogate the semantic areas of terms such as “community” or “identity” and to identify new methods of translation, also with respect to traditions.

In Irpinia as in Sannio, in Latronico as OGNI DOVE, experiencing the territory through these processes of encounter in transition triggered by the practices of art, means being able to re-imagine it in the complexity of its voices, its landscapes, its lives , using “others” points of view and listening, through which we can relate to the stories and cultures that go through it. “(p. 50)

Milan: Meltemi, 46-51
book edited by Bianco-Valente e Pasquale Campanella
Italian, ISBN 9788874901685