From 4th of May to 11th of June, 2017, MACRO Museum, Via Nizza, Rome
sound art exhibition

June 2017

Sound art is increasingly, in the last few years, the center of the interest of artists, curators and scholars, and it is an innovative field of experimentation, study and research within the territories of contemporary art.

It has been recognized as a discipline and a category generated by a series of knowledge models related to the cultural tradition of Western Europe and of the anglosphere.

Sound art is today an environment in which emerge a series of practices that insist on ‘other’ geographic, aesthetic and cultural coordinates.

In this moving and expanding field, it’s highlighted the work carried out in Chile by the research group that revolves around the Tsonami festival in Valparaíso, in which is applied and shared the work developed by artists who experiment methods and processes in which sound intersects with digital technologies and with unconventional approaches to listening.

“Otros Sonidos, Otros Paisajes” is a journey built along unusual guidelines, in a sound deriving towards a geographic South crushed in a series of acoustic ‘routes’ that question the meaning of a linear story, interrogated through patches of listening that allow “to hear it” and capture its hidden sides.

Through the perspective of sound art the sound, an element often subordinated to the visual sphere in speeches on art, emerges as a language and standalone device, which can question a set of approved paradigms, exceeding a purely musicological framing.

“Otros Sonidos, Otros Paisajes” is a space in which the reflection on the theme of the ‘alterity’ of sound art in the Southern hemisphere intertwines with a series of evidences that involve Chilean landscapes, places and geographies from Atacama desert to Patagonia, from the suburbs of Santiago to the region of Bío, ending in the extreme south to Antarctica.

This exhibition, which includes the installation of a series of sound works made by five Chilean artists, is the first ever event dedicated specifically to Chilean sound art in Europe and it marks the further step of a collaboration between the Chilean Embassy and Interferenze and Tsonami festivals, inaugurated on the occasion of the “Nuovi Suoni dell’Appennino” project (2016), during which the Chilean sound artist Fernando Godoy was a guest as the artist-in-residency.

Installations: Fernando Godoy, Claudia González Godoy, Sebastian Jatz, Rainer Krause, Alejandra Perez Nuñez
curators: Leandro Pisano and Antonio Arévalo