Irpinia Field Works

from June 2011 to June 2012
Irpinia, Southern Italy
sound art residency

June 2011

In this project sounds, landscapes and traditions of a rural territory become signals of a different way of experiencing those places that are marginalized in the development process of contemporary western society, but which indeed own a sustainable heritage both from a cultural and environmental point of view.

“Irpinia Field Works” project, that is based on the theories of Gilles Clément (“Third Landscape”) and R.Murray Schafer, deals with a cultural melting pot that goes beyond the usual urban territory, being focused on historical and ethnical manipulations, and on re-mediating their meanings and origins. The aim is to build a narration of the Irpinia region rural soundscape, which can become a starting point for some research projects focused on different significant places of the territory, on its abstract landscapes and its ancient villages.

The idea is to analyze through the sound a cultural and historical continuum made of different languages, expressive forms and symbolical systems, also discovering and delving into unexpected relationships between the natural soundscape and the cultural elaboration of sound and listening experience in the natural environment.

“Irpinia Field Works” is a project in which the Japanese sound artist/designer Yasuhiro Morinaga has been hosted for a residency in Irpinia, being invited to narrate the specific local cultures and the natural roots of the local territory.

Essay on the residency written by Leandro Pisano (only in Italian)

artist in residence: Yasuhiro Morinaga
curator: Leandro Pisano