Imperceptibilis Materia

from 22nd to 28th of April
sound art + photography residency and exhibition

April 2019

Imperceptibilis materia is a collateral project of the Nature inPhoto festival, focused on the relationship between landscape, sound art and naturalistic photography related with the lagoon environment and aiming at exploring research dynamics in interaction with local communities. Through an artistic residence of a photographer and a sound artist who worked work together in Regional Reserve and Foci dello Stella in Marano Lagunare, this project dealt with landscapes, territories and local communities. The entire work has been inspired by a critical review of the studies on ecology that contemplate methodologies, perspectives and practices recently developed starting from the Timothy’s Morton Dark Ecology theory.

In this context, the reading of balances and tensions in the environment – through the dual level of the invisible sound and the visible photo – finds new possible outcomes in light of the critical analysis of the concept of coexistence between natural and artificial, organic and machinic, empty and full. This is a particularly significant approach in relation to the territorial perimeter of the project, a liminal area in which the relationship between human and non-human in the alternation of the lagoon landscape, nature reserves and industrial areas is defined in a dynamic and conflictual way.

Thus, analyzing such a complex territory through the multiple listening and viewing points offered in intersection by sound art and photography represents a critical way of approaching and immersing in the material and ecological processes linked to contemporary capitalism, often concealed from sensory analysis .

The two artists spent a week in the Marano Lagunare area, focusing their attention on a series of cultural, social, architectural, naturalistic and landscape elements, through the direct experience of the places and meeting with the local communities, finally developing an audiovisual installation.

artists: Nicola Di Croce, Daniela D'Arielli
curator: Leandro Pisano