Food, nature and new media: Naturalis Electronica

Doors of Perception 9 / Mediawala festival
New Delhi, British Council Auditorium
2nd of March, 2007

March 2007

Presentation talk at Doors of Perception in New Delhi for Interferenze, that relates about connection between food and new media aesthetic, remarking Naturalis Electronica theme and referring to net works like McVideogame, a videogame by Italian collective Molleindustria.

The intervention of Leandro Pisano is included in the programme of MediaWala (that is inspired by the mythical wedding procession of Radha and Krishna), an event curated by Juha Huuskonen and Aditya Dev Sood that helps new forms of collaboration between art and design emerge. Among the practices crossing are the urban arts, hybrid radio, activist videogaming, and then some. MediaWala is part of Doors of Perception event.

The Doors of Perception 9 theme is “Juice: Food, Energy, Design”, focusing the attention on food as important element in global changing process and its relationship with sustainability, energy, design analized from different perspectives: urban spaces, information systems, innovative projects.