Leandro Pisano




October 2015: Colombia, residency in Portugal, Interferenze at MAXXI

In the framework of the PhD in Cultural and Postcolonial studies I am attending at University of Naples "L’Orientale", I will be visiting Colombia in October for having a research trip and giving a series of presentations, talks and lectures in three different cities. On 9th I will speak in Bogotá (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano), on 12th (Universidad de Antioquia) and 14th in Medellín (MAMM - Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín) and finally on 15th I will be giving a lecture in Chía (Universidad de La Sabana). Then, I will be taking part in the "Playing the Rural Lanscape" sound art residency, from 18th to 24th in Fataunços - Vouzela, Portugal, organized by Binaural/Nodar in the framework of SoCCoS European Network. Finally, on 28th of October, Interferenze New Arts Festival will be having a showcase at the MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo in Rome, presenting its research on wine, digital art and aesthetics of sound.

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