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_E-Artquake _from 23rd to 27th December, 2010 _Carcere Borbonico, Avellino, Italy
sound art exhibition

“Mnemosyne” is the title of the sound art section curated by Leandro Pisano for the “E-Artquake” exhibition, which took place from 23rd to 27th November 2010 at Carcere Borbonico in Avellino.

As a part of an event created 30 years after the earthquake in Irpinia, Mnemosyne aims at “connecting digital art with the themes of memory, trauma and the loss of identity caused by catastrophic events like earthquakes”. “Mnemosyne” is focusing on the mnemonic reverberation of seismic events, through the perception of the territory that is modified during the years on different levels and point of views (landscape, psychology).

The selected works analyze either the ways in which memory of unexpected natural violence develops and how memory of the specific events arises: in “Unsettled times” (“it’s a constant sensation, an active memory that lives in a hanging time where senses are constantly alerted, ready to interpret the environment signals”) the eruption of Icelandic Eyjafjöll vulcano; in “Tellus Totem” the 1980 earthquake catastrophe reverberates on a soundscape composed by abandoned objects which resound in order to reanimate them and tell us forgotten stories.

Selected works:

Unsettled times
sound design: Lorelei (Sara Lenzi), Marco Galardi, Stereo Hypnosis (Pan Thorarensen & Oskar Thorarensen) visuals: Gudmann Thor Bjargmundsson, Lorenzo Scoles

Tellus Totem
by Enrico Ascoli
Seismic soundscape for recovered objects (5.1 system for bass shakers, abandoned objects, lights)

curator: Leandro Pisano

Official Website
Mnemosyne video
Tellus Totem Website

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