Leandro Pisano




Naturalis electronica: soundscape, mediascape

Naturalis electronica: soundscape, mediascape

Green Platform
CCCS - Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina
Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi
16th of June, 2009

“From the development of technologic environments of digital information it emerges a new notion of nature, which changes the modern aesthetic approach into a different view, where new spaces emerge in order to redefine the sensorial and physical perceptiveness, generated by the constant cross-breeding between material and immaterial, analog and digital, visible and invisible. A view that deconstruct the canons and the contrapositions of modern aesthetics to redefine in a broader and more problematic way the relation between art and technologies, the cultural perception of media, the computing and data transmission technologies, robotics, artificial life, to access unexplored territories and defy any kind of confinement... “


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