Leandro Pisano




Morphogenetics: process and aesthetic dynamics of generative code

Morphogenetics: process and aesthetic dynamics of generative code

Struttura festival 07
San Vincenzo (Livorno), Torre
8th of September, 2007

A software art panel and presentation regarding generative code with Leandro Pisano, Alessandro Capozzo, Fabio Franchino, Sara Lenzi and Laura Bardier. The choice of organic art and the art forms that explore the relationship between technology and nature as unique theme of Struttura 2007 is determined by the actuality of the theme. Art is evidencing to the public the social and cultural changes determined by the science and technological experimentation with reference to human and nature. Struttura festival talks will deepen the aspects of the theme starting from the prospective research of means privileged to their interpretation thanks to the participation of experts of the art forms object of the program (video art, net.art and computer animation). Thanks to this approach, peculiarities of the expressive meaning will emerge in the interpretation of the interconnections between the natural and artificial spheres, conscious that they cannot be auto-referential and technical, but they must interpret the content of the art work.


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