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In Limina Orbis

In Limina Orbis

from May to July 2012
Phlegraean Fields Area, Southern Italy
sound art residency / local regeneration project

"In Limina Orbis" is a research on aesthetic and non conventional communication of one of the most fascinating and yet less known territories of the southern Italy: the Phlegraean Fields. It is an area incredibly rich from its archaeological and naturalistic point of view, in which a series of places known all around the world since ancient times hub together; places that are scenography for mythological tales, such as the ancient Greek colony of Cuma, the Solfatara, the Flavian Anphitheatre of Pozzuoli, the roman city in Baia (nowadays submerged by bradisism), the Mirabilis Piscina in Bacoli, Capo Miseno, the lake Avernus...

"In Limina Orbis" represents an opportunity for a deeper understanding of this wonderful land, which unfortunately lies in the conditions of neglect, for the culpable unselfishness of local institutions and public opinion. The idea behind the project is to explore the whole Phlegraean area with an approach that will reveal its still untapped potentials.

The interpretation key that we are going to use is merely aesthetic: sound, image and new technologies related to art are the tools to explore the territory. A residency project, a movie, a record and a number of live performances: "In Limina Orbis" is a communication platform where the involvement of experts belonging to different disciplines: archeology, history, food , communication, artists and researchers in the field of new media, constitutes the different layers of the project itself.

This convergence of experience, expertise and methodologies is both a laboratory phase of the project and is the basic tool for promotion of the territory.

Started in July 2012 with the residence of the Neapolitan sound artist Emanuele Errante, "In Limina Orbis" will be formed of a series of parallel activities and interventions, ending in summer 2013 with a final event in which to present the entire project in the Phlegraean area.

artist in residence: Emanuele Errante
curator: Leandro Pisano

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