Leandro Pisano




Exploring rural territory as a (new) medium

Exploring rural territory as a (new) medium

Interferenze Seeds Tokyo
26th of June, 2010

ISEA2010 Ruhr
Dortmund, Volkshochschule
24th of August, 2010

Anybody thinking that digital culture is cold and soulless? A different way for communicating rural territories through new media and technologies is possible, bringing together nature and technology, tradition and vanguard, past and future, local and global, to seamlessy integrate digital culture with natural environment and social food tradition. This conference session will discuss the role of projects and strategies for new media in order to operate in rural contexts. I will be presenting some case histories and concrete media art examples, from Ufficio Bifolco work in South Italy inland area: Interferenze new arts festival and Mediaterrae Vol.1. Interferenze, a new technology art festival deep down in the forest, breaking down the borders between the technological/urban/inorganic and the rural/archaic/organic world, presenting digital technologies as a concrete alternative to current trends of development. Mediaterrae Vol.1, a project that aims either at a cultural and territorial promotion and at an audio/video production.This convergence of sounds, images, landscapes and carnival rites of a rural land, are signals of new ways to visit and experience locations where ancient roots are often intertwined with the territory and its local cultures, in a fascinating mixture of imaginative narrative tradition and pure fun. This research deals with a cultural melting pot that goes beyond the usual urban dimension of digital culture, entering historical and ethnical manipulations, so playing with their meanings and origins and going deeper and deeper in its own territory roots, extending accordingly to the rest of the world its specific research.


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