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Ecomedia: soundscaping the digital universe

Ecomedia: soundscaping the digital universe

Tokyo University of Fine Arts
Tokyo, Art Media Center
25th of June, 2010

Tokyo University of Fine Arts
Yokohama, Graduate School of Film and New Media
24th of June, 2010

Discussing various issues regarding human contribution to survival, change and destruction of environment, we can look at our complex ecosystem from a different perspective. In this way, moving away from an antropocentric point of view, we are forced to think back to sound experience through new technologies, defining again what belongs to aural spectrum in our everyday life. In a world where listening and decoding sound messages of everyday life can be really a hard and selective practice, maybe is it still possible to take back a creative idea of acoustic perception? How critics and artists, belonging to the so-called acoustic ecology school of thought, can give their contribution in  defining a new idea of sound in a digitalized universe in which the relationship between sound environment and technology is opening new and unpredictably developing scenarios? What does it mean to live the sound experience in a digitalized environment? On the other hand, the development of microtechnologies, mobile devices and real time processing is leaving open some questions regarding the possible sceneries and future interactions between sound environment and technology. What will be our future soundscape?

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