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Calitri Temporary Orchestra

Calitri Temporary Orchestra

from February to July 2013
Calitri, Irpinia
sound art residency

Calitri Temporary Orchestra is a project aiming at connecting young people who live in the rural area of Alta Irpinia region, the local folk music tradition and the local brass band with new technologies art and sound work of Yasuhiro Morinaga, an artist and sound designer based in Tokyo.

The project is based on the idea that it’s possible to consider a new overview of the local culture that is achievable through increasing the value of cultural, historical and traditional richness of one territory, according to a perspective in which rural territory is not anymore as a geographic place or a branding system, but an inland space into the media system, which become itself a medium with which people can communicate and get in touch in a creative way.

Calitri Temporary Orchestra has been thought as a residency laboratory involving 40 members of the local brass band, leaded by maestro Carlo Luongo, and has been developed in two phases between February and July 2013. The final performance has taken place on 7th of July, when the Calitri Temporary Orchestra has been finally arranged with members of Banda Musicale "Città di Calitri" and Yasuhiro Morinaga. The concert was the result of the Calitri Temporary Orchestra work on reinterpreting the musical folk heritage of Alta Irpinia through connecting tradition and new technologies.

artists in residence: Yasuhiro Morinaga, Banda di Calitri
curator: Leandro Pisano

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