Leandro Pisano



October 2015: Colombia, residency in Portugal, Interferenze at MAXXI

In the framework of the PhD in Cultural and Postcolonial studies I am attending at University of Naples "L’Orientale", I will be visiting Colombia in October for having a research trip and giving a series of presentations, talks and lectures in three different cities. On 9th I will speak in Bogotá (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano), on 12th (Universidad de Antioquia) and 14th in Medellín (MAMM - Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín) and finally on 15th I will be giving a lecture in Chía (Universidad de La Sabana). Then, I will be taking part in the "Playing the Rural Lanscape" sound art residency, from 18th to 24th in Fataunços - Vouzela, Portugal, organized by Binaural/Nodar in the framework of SoCCoS European Network. Finally, on 28th of October, Interferenze New Arts Festival will be having a showcase at the MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo in Rome, presenting its research on wine, digital art and aesthetics of sound.


Summer 2015 schedule: Liminaria and Sweden

This summer I will be curating the second edition of Liminaria, a project taking place from 1st to 6th of June in the rural area of Fortore region, South Italy. Liminaria will host a residency programme with the sound artists Angus Carlyle, Enrico Coniglio, Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller, Hong-Kai Wang and the video artist Chiara Caterina. After that, I will join the first Symposium on Self Organization in Art - Riksutställningar that will take place in Gnesta, Sweden on 13th and 14th of June.


Liminaria 2014

from 23rd to 28th of June, 2014
San Marco dei Cavoti and Molinara, Fortore, South Italy

Liminaria 2014
Liminaria aims at narrating the territory of Fortore, a marginal rural region located in the South of Italy, through an artistic point of view, putting together the ability of digital storytelling and the approach of different disciplines (literature, sociology, aesthetics, antrophology, economy) and different fields of investigations (design, oenogastronomy). Art in this context is seen as a research tool that combines different languages in order to form its own, and that is “ready to get out of its own proximity without declining the idea of inhabiting a place” (F. Casetti), building a(...)+


Terzo Paesaggio Sonoro / The Third Soundscape

Spazio O’, Milan
6th of November, 2014

Terzo Paesaggio Sonoro / The Third Soundscape
It’s a presentation given at Radiofonica, an event on radio art featuring artists, curators and producers active in the field of radio. Radiofonica was a three-day meeting with talks and performances curated by Anna Raimondo and Alessandro Bosetti. It has been an opportunity to be involved into a framework of discussion with some of the most relevant specialists on radio and sound art based in Italy and Europe. The theme of this presentation is the exploration through the perspective of sound and listening of the so-called "Third Landscape"’s places: abandoned places like left behind urban(...)+



Tra antico, (post)moderno e contemporaneo: spazi, modelli e linguaggi per il "classico" futuro
What is the position of the classicist in the post-digital era? What is the role of the researcher in Greek/Latin literature and language in our epoch? What kind of perspective the classicist can have both in the extradisciplinary training and in the occupational position? This article delves(...)+
Tra antico, (post)moderno e contemporaneo: spazi, modelli e linguaggi per il "classico" futuro


"The Third Soundscape: Carl Michael von Hausswolff/Thomas Nordanstand, John Grzinich/Maksims Shentelevz, Enrico Ruggeri/Elio Rosolino Cassarà" - Blow-Up#181

June 2013

“Le api sono un’orchestra e diventano un coro” - Corriere della Sera/La Lettura #96

September 2013

Mark Fell: "The Sacred Geometries" - Blow-Up#156

May 2011

>Short articles
Emptyset: "Forzare il dominio della techno" - Blow-Up#186

November 2013


Emptyset, "Recur" - Blow-Up#186

November 2013

David Sylvian, "Amplified Gesture" DVD - Blow-Up#179

April 2013

Roberto Paci Dalò, Masseria Torre Coccaro, Savelletri (Br) - Blow-Up#157

June 2011